Website Design and More!

Do you need a website, or have an existing website that needs a new look or some updating? Or perhaps you need help with SEO so your website will be ‘found’. Let Data Design Inc. handle your web design so you can focus on the business of growing your business! 

Your website should make an impression, showcase your company, be functional, easy to use, and be designed for SEO (search engine optimization) For more information check out our SEO page!

Your website should look good on any device, from a large desktop monitor to smartphone. Responsive web design adjusts the website to correspond to the user’s device and behavior. For more information see our responsive design information.

Unless circumstances dictate differently, Data Design uses the WordPress CMS (Content Management System) platform. WordPress CMS now powers over 25 percent of websites and it’s dominance continues to grow.

After your website design is complete, Data Design will continue to support you for as long as needed.

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DDI can assist you with:

  • Creating a new website. Data Design will custom build your website based on discussions with you about your goals and your situation, and determine a plan that results in a website that works for your company.
  • Redesigning an existing website.Is your website dated and/or need a new look? We can help!
  • Maintaining your website Has the information on your website become out of date and do you need help keeping it current?
  • We can assist you with setting up a Domain Name and with a Hosting service, if necessary.
  • If you need graphic design and/or photography for your site, we can assist!
  • WordPress is a ‘Content Management System’, or CMS platform. With WordPress, the website content can be changed without having to ‘get into’ the website code. If you need assistance with a WordPress site, give us a call!
  • SEO or search engine optimization. We will discuss with you how you want to ‘get found’ and build key phrases within your website. Additionally, we can help you get set up with Google Analytics.
  • Responsive Design Your website should look good on any device. Gone are the days where websites are built only for desktop computers. For more information, see our Responsive Design page!
  • Email Marketing We can assist in creating pages for email marketing campaigns.
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Data Design is locally owned and operated

  • Data Design is not a here one day, gone tomorrow business, having been at our present location for 30 years.
  • We will treat you professionally and with respect, and will not talk down to either you or your staff.
  • Your first consultation is free

Web Programming Technologies

HTML – HTML5 – CSS – PHP – Javascript – JQuery – MySQL – WordPress – SEO – ASP – VBScript – Visual Studio – C# – ASNA AVR

Considerations in the Web Design Process:

  • There is not a one size fits all solution in building a website. Many details must be considered, some being your company and purpose of the site, the desired audience, the content, future maintenance, social media, setting up analytics, and ‘getting found’ using search engine optimization (SEO).
  • One of the current ‘buzzwords’ in web design is SEO or search engine optimization. SEO is not a silver bullet, but a complex process, some of which involve keyword selections, and how they are integrated within the content of your site. Additionally there are other factors such as social media, and outside links to your page. See more about SEO
  • The layout of the content planned to where it looks good on all devices. See more on Responsive Web Design (RWD)

The Web Design Process Includes:

  • First of all, we will discuss with you the desired end result
  • Review web sites from similar industries that you like.
  • Discuss functions your website should contain, such as forms and databases.
  • Decide what the pages are and the navigation between the pages.
  • Determine if there will be any need to re-do logos, graphics, or photography.
  • Discuss how to ‘get found’, and determine what the search ‘key words’ should be and integrate them into the site.
  • As the pages are developed, view the results on different devices and make adjustments as necessary.

So How Much Will it Cost?

The easy answer is a few hundred dollars to as much as you want to spend! Factors that determine the cost include:

  • Content – How many pages and how much data.
  • Features – Do you just want a business presence or will you be selling items online? Will there be a simple contact us form or a long questionnaire? Will there be information entered or retrieved that will require databases?
  • Graphics and photography. Do you need any graphics or photography? Will you need moving graphics or displays with changing images?
  • Are there any features that will require programming?
  • Will you need assistance with SEO, Google features such as analytics or ad words? Social media?

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