Tape Conversions

Tape Conversions:

  • 9 track tape, 1/2 inch reel. 1600 or 6250 BPI
  • 3480, 3490, and 3490E tape cartridge.
  • 1/4 inch cartridge tape. (QIC)
  • 6150 QIC Cartridge
  • 6525 QIC Cartridge
  • 1.2GB Magnus QIC Data Tape Cartridge
  • 2.5GB Magnus QIC Data Tape Cartridge
  • SLR60 30/60GB Data Cartridge

Each conversion we perform is to your specifications! 

3480 tape conversion

Data Design Inc conversion services include:

  • Retrieving data from legacy media and converting to a more modern format. 
  • We specialize in converting and extracting data from IBM midrange computers, including the IBM i (AS400 iSeries I5), and IBM mainframes.
  • Extracting and converting data for litigation or court orders.
  • System migrations and conversions.
  • Extracting data from magnetic media to CD or DVD for archival and/or compliance purposes.

Options to format the data include

  • Database
  • Spreadsheet
  • Delimited
  • Excel
  • Access
  • Text

Tape Conversion Information

Data Design Inc specializes in extracting and/or converting data from legacy tapes produced on IBM mainframes and the IBM midrange series, including the AS/400, Iseries, I5, and System 36 into a readable format.

Data from IBM midrange and mainframe computers usually comes in EBCDIC instead of ASCII. But often data is stored with packed numeric amounts and/or data files have combined record types. A straight EBCDIC to ASCII conversion will not convert packed data.

Data Design Inc will analyze your data and, if necessary, convert the packed numeric amounts into data that is usable. 

Since we have the background and experience to convert your IBM i (AS400 iSeries I5) midrange or mainframe data, you should get the results you require.

Examples of conversions:

The Data You Have Looks Like This:

Media Conversion

And You Need the Data Migrated to This:

data Conversion

You Were Given Tapes That Look Like This:

3480 3490 3490e tape conversion Or this: 9 track tape conversion

And You Need The Media Converted to This:

tape conversion Or this: data conversion Or this: media conversion

Items that Determine the Charge are:

  • The amount of data on the tape.
  • The number of files.
  • How was the data written? For example, is it in a text type format, or was it written by the system operating system. 
  • What format the data the data is in, and what it is converted to.
  • If the date is converted from EBCDIC to ASCII, is any of the data packed or binary? If not dealt with, the converted data will not be usable.
  • The condition of the tape.
tape conversions

Projects we have performed media conversions and data extractions include:

  • Analysis and conversion of tapes and data for litigation
  • Conversion of earthquake/seismic data
  • Extract old software programs 
  • Obtaining data from Medicare records for hospitals
  • Extracting data for system conversions
  • Converting tax data tapes for public records reporting agencies
  • Extracting trade accounts receivable data for credit reporting agencies
  • Conversion of tapes and media for credit card factoring
  • Extraction of media for mailing lists
  • Conversion of voting record data

Tape/ Media Converted Include:

  • Tape 9 track, 1/2 inch reel. 1600 or 6250 BPI
  • 3480, 3490, and 3490E tape cartridge.
  • 1/4 inch cartridge tape. (QIC)
  • 6150 QIC Cartridge
  • 6525 QIC Cartridge
  • 1.2GB Magnus QIC Data Tape Cartridge
  • 2.5GB Magnus QIC Data Tape Cartridge
  • SLR60 30/60GB Data Cartridge

Media commonly converted to:

  • CD/DVD
  • Data sent electronically via FTP
  • Data sent electronically via email
  • USB / flash / thumb drive
  • Dropbox

Tape/Media Conversions for Litigation and Compliance

Litigation often involves evidence that is received that was created on legacy tapes and/or in a format where assistance is necessary to convert the media to a format that can be analyzed and presented as evidence..

Or do you need to move data from tape and/or media that will deteriorate to CD’s or DVDs for archival/compliance purposes?

When data or media is converted to be used as evidence, great care must be taken to be sure the data is converted accurately and correctly.

Data Design has performed multiple tape conversions for litigation to extract legacy data and convert the media into a format to be analyzed and presented for trial. And in some cases Data Design was able to interpret and convert the data that even the opposing party (that supplied the data) was not able to figure out

Give us a call at 405.321.0354 or drop us an email at ddi@datadesigninc.com for more information!

To Who it May Concern:

I have been practicing law for over thirty years, almost exclusively in oil & gas trial litigation. In several different cases, we have obtained voluminous amounts of data, from the opposing side, stored on old magnetic reel-to-reel tapes and other similar formats.

Nina Jones with Data Design was able to extract the exact data we were looking for and furnish it back to us in useable formats, such as Excel or Access. Each time, the opposing attorneys were shocked to see what Data Design had been able to do. In fact, we had more information than the opposing attorneys knew was contained within the data.

The end result was that we had more thorough information than the company itself had been able to obtain from the tapes, which led to a successful conclusion in these cases. I could not imagine anyone being more capable than Nina Jones and Data Design for this type of work. They have my highest recommendation.

Yours Truly,

Brad Brickell