NACM Information:

Data Design Inc’s only focus to our clients is to provide a service in the most economical means possible. Throughout the years our mission has been to provide the best product at the most economical price.


Our services are flexible. We can customize the software as much (or little) as you need! We have maintenace agreements for those who want to budget a fixed amount, or you can pay for our services as you use them!


We are plain, simple folks from Oklahoma. We invest our money in servicing YOU, our customers. Not on fancy sales brochures. We do not have a big entertainment budget that YOU subsidize. We work hard to keep our prices LOW so YOU can operate more efficiently.


We are not high rollers. We drive American made cars and shop at Wal-Mart. Our building is paid for and not extravagent. We all live in modest homes. We don’t take exotic vacations. We don’t use YOUR money to support a lavish lifestyle!


Top 10 Reasons to Use DDI:


  1. DDI has been in Business since 1975! We have been at our current location since 1984, over 30 years!
  2. DDI is not owned or controlled by any Association, so there is not a problem of conflict of interests. Our only business is to offer you services to better your affiliate.
  3. DDI has been involved with NACM since 1975, first as a member, and then directly in 1979, when the software project began. There is no one that understands NACM’s needs better than DDI!
  4. DDI software is fully integrated! Once you enter a member, you do not have to re enter it as a collection client, and a contributor, and for sales tracking, and as a customer!
  5. We are on call 24 hours a day to help you with your problems.
  6. DDI employees are friendly and do not talk down to your staff.
  7. DDI’s owner is also a CPA, so we understand accounting issues too!
  8. DDI offers several options for long term support. You are not required to enter into a long term maintenance agreement.
  9. You can either have your own system, or DDI can host your data for you!
  10. After years of loyal service, DDI has proven their commitment to the Association and the industry.

Information on the NACM Modules:

Scoring Module
There are multiple sections to the credit report and each section is scored. These are:

  • Trade and bank data
  • Flash information reported by members
  • Accounts placed for collection
  • Public records information/legal data reported
  • Bankruptcy information
  • Accounts written off by members
  • Inquiries on the credit report
  • General/other

We created tables that correspond to items within the reported data:

  • Comment codes
  • Slow pay code
  • Flash type
  • Collection status code
  • Legal items

Credit Reporting Data Sharing:

  • Log into your association as normal,
  • Request a credit report from the regional database,
  • Select the state the subject is in
  • Then select report from the list of possibles!

‘Partnership Alliance’ On Line Groups:

  • The association ‘partners’ with trade association to offer credit reporting and/or group services.
  • The services can be set up as credit reporting only, or to offer features such as flash posting and group polling.
  • The presentation to the group members displays the identity of the partnership affiliation

Direct Access Through the Web:

  • NEW!! Display the “Most Wanted” Credit Reports, and/or the Credit Reports Recently Updated in a format where Members can order them immediately ONLINE!! View Samples!
  • Credit Reporting – Search the database, select the subject,
    view the credit report, request updates if out of date, add references, and poll group members for updates. View Samples!
  • Legal Bulletin – Search the legal bulletin database, and view and/or print the matches.
    View Samples!
  • Collections – Place new claims, view status and activity of existing claims, view open claims, send message to collector, view scanned documents, search the debtor database!
    View Samples!
  • On Line Groups – Make reservations on-line, submit subjects for inclusion in the group book, key experience, key and view flash information, key data for the past due book. View a group roster, view group credit reports, and poll group for updates.
    View Samples!
  • Watchdog – Members are notified when a derogatory item is posted to a subject they have reported or inquired on.
    View Samples!
  • Member Roster Lookup Subscription service.
    View Samples!
  • NACM Credit Reports available for purchase via the web.
    View Samples!
  • Reference checking service for your members!
    View Samples!
  • Special Group Options include:
  • ‘Partnership’ Alliance Groups
  • where a separate trade association partners with NACM to offer services. The partner association retains their own identity within the services offered.
    View Samples!
  • ‘Polling’ groups where the group members participate by polling their fellow group members.
  • Click the icon below to view the on-line tutorials.

NACM Online Tutorial!

Email Directly From DDI Software:

  • Individual correspondence, and batch correspondence.
  • Individual Credit reports.
  • Trade reference tickets.
  • Group Inquiry and discussions sheets.
  • The Group Book can be Emailed or faxed to someone that can’t attend the group, but who wants to participate remotely. Additionally, you can email a copy of the book to everyone in advance of the meeting.
  • Past Due books and Past Due book reply sheets.
  • Collection letters and status reports.
  • Credit reporting usage.
  • Invoices add statements.
  • Flyers, newsletter notices, broadcast messages.

More Data Design Software Features!:

Addition of a summary page that has the “Report at a Glance” executive summary which recaps the trade and trending data, accounts placed for collections, legal filings, UCC Filings, Flash data, and Accounts written off by members, and a “Risk Factor” summary.

View Sample!
View Internet Report

Check on Demand – The ability to write a check by telephone or fax, and produce MICR encoded checks from general check stock.

‘Free Format’ Versions of programs to replace pre-printed forms, for letters, invoices, stamens, claim tickets, credit reports.

Watchdog – Account Monitoring of past due trades, collection placements, legal data, UCC information, write-off’s, and flash information. Members receive an email or fax notifying them of the condition. For email members, a hyper link is provided to purchase and view the report immediately. Fax members can order the reports from their notification.

Polling – Members can ‘poll’ their group members for updates to credit reports. Each member is emailed a hyper link to update their information on-line. The member requesting the polling is emailed when an update is received, with a link to view the updated credit report.

Flash entry notification – By fax or email,of items entered using the Internet on line flash entry.

Weekly updates emailed or faxed to the members of accounts placed for collection, recently revised reports, NSF check lists, and accounts placed on alert.

Interactive trade input – Members are emailed a hyper link and, input their trade experience on-line’.

Emailing and/or faxing the legal bulletin on a daily or weekly basis.

Emailing and/or faxing Accounting invoices and statements, and membership rosters.

Scanning, Email and Recall of Collection Documents.
Scan collection documents and recall to the collector’s terminal via a command key.
Email documents to the user or the attorney directly from the computer!
Additionally, the collection users can view the documents via the Internet!
View Samples!

Seminar and CEU tracking. Set up seminars, log and recap CEU credits.

Sale of NACM Credit Reports over the web. A non member can search the database, and buy a credit report using Paypal or a credit card.

Reference Checking Service for Members. Members can direct their credit reference inquiries to NACM. The user can search the database, and view the last year of the member’s trade data.

Send flyers, newsletter notice, and broadcast messages



NACM Resource Center

NACM Contribution Extract Guide

The following media DDI can accept directly:

  • 3 1/2 inch diskette (P/C Dos format)
  • 1/2 inch reel tape at 1600 BPI or 6250 BPI
  • 1/4 inch tape cartridge (qic)
  • 8 mm cartridge tape
  • 3480, 3490, or 3490E tape cartridges
  • Previously listed tape data produced on a UNIX system.
  • CD-ROM
  • Data May also be E-Mailed to

A few tips to make the conversion easier

  • If saving from an AS/400, either save as a 36 file, or use the CPYTOTAP command to avoid release conflicts.
  • If possible, on a Unix system, save the data in DOS format, or a ‘basic exchange’ format.
Extract Guide:

The record layout for the contributing member A/R file. The record length is 350.

111 Record Code ("C")
8114 *KOB (Business Category Code)
125140 *Name
519140 Additional Name
9212130 *Street Address
12215130 Additional Address
15819740 *City/State (Include state here)
1982025 *Zip - 5 digits
2032042 State Code
2082136 *Extract Date (MMDDYY)
21422512 *AR Number (Acct/Customer #)
23023910 Telephone Number
2462472 Bureau ID Number
2492502 Year Opened (YY)
2512544 Date Last Activity
2552617 Terms
2632708 High Credit
2722798 Balance
2812877 *Current
2892957 *1 -30 days past due
2973037 *31 -60 days past due
3053117 *61 -90 days past due
3133197 Over 90 days past due
3213222 TRW Comment Code
3233253 Alpha Comment
3293379 Zip - 9 digits
3443485 Member Number

Email Instructions:

We need the data in a standard format. TXT, delimited, and excel formats are preferred. The data needs to be in easy to identify columns. Formats such as doc, rtf, and pdf will usually not work, because these formats are intended for printing, not data transfer.

‘zip’ the file or files, using winzip or pkzip. The zipped file should be named Arxxzzzz where xxis the bureau #, such as 90 and zzzz is the member #, such as 0990.

Send the zipped file as an ‘attachment’. The email address for media contributions is

In the transmittal, please identify them member # and the member name. Also, if the submittal is new, please include the business category.

If the member cannot write a program to create the file in the enclosed layout, that’s fine but we need to have the same information.

Be sure to contact us if you have questions or problems.