NACM Information:

Data Design Inc’s only focus to our clients is to provide a service in the most economical means possible. Throughout the years our mission has been to provide the best product at the most economical price.

Our services are flexible. We can customize the software as much (or little) as you need! We have maintenace agreements for those who want to budget a fixed amount, or you can pay for our services as you use them!

We are plain, simple folks from Oklahoma. We invest our money in servicing YOU, our customers. Not on fancy sales brochures. We do not have a big entertainment budget that YOU subsidize. We work hard to keep our prices LOW so YOU can operate more efficiently.

We are not high rollers. We drive American made cars and shop at Wal-Mart. Our building is paid for and not extravagent. We all live in modest homes. We don’t take exotic vacations. We don’t use YOUR money to support a lavish lifestyle!

Top 10 Reasons to Use DDI:

  1. DDI has been in Business since 1975! We have been at our current location since 1984, over 30 years!
  2. DDI is not owned or controlled by any Association, so there is not a problem of conflict of interests. Our only business is to offer you services to better your affiliate.
  3. DDI has been involved with NACM since 1975, first as a member, and then directly in 1979, when the software project began. There is no one that understands NACM’s needs better than DDI!
  4. DDI software is fully integrated! Once you enter a member, you do not have to re enter it as a collection client, and a contributor, and for sales tracking, and as a customer!
  5. We are on call 24 hours a day to help you with your problems.
  6. DDI employees are friendly and do not talk down to your staff.
  7. DDI’s owner is also a CPA, so we understand accounting issues too!
  8. DDI offers several options for long term support. You are not required to enter into a long term maintenance agreement.
  9. You can either have your own system, or DDI can host your data for you!
  10. After years of loyal service, DDI has proven their commitment to the Association and the industry.

For information, samples, and resources on the DDI NACM software visit