Computer Programming and Consulting

  • Data Design is committed to writing quality code. Poorly written code will not only give you problems currently but for as long as the programs are in use. In fact, poorly written software can be so difficult to maintain often it’s easier to scrap it and start over. Well written programs are easier to maintain.
  • We do not require you to enter into long term contracts. You get the services you need to get the job done. Nothing more and nothing less!
  • Often computer programmers have problems understanding accounting. Being owned by a CPA, Data Design understands accounting issues.
  • DDI services include programming for the IBM Midrange, Servers, Personal Computers, Web Site, and Mobile App development, both iOS and Android.

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For more information on our IBM i (AS/400 / iSeries) options, go to our IBM i (AS/400 / iSeries) Info Page.

Programming Languages Include:

  • SQL
  • C# / Objective C / C
  • Java
  • Swift
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Microsoft .Net
  • Visual Basic
  • FTP
  • HTML5 / CSS / PHP
  • ASP / ASPX
  • JavaScript / jQuery
  • WordPress
  • RPG II/ III/ IV/ ILE/ Free
  • OS/400/ DB2/ Query
  • CL / CLP / CLLE
  • WebShpere / RDI
  • OCL
  • Hawkeye
Computer Programming and Consulting

Reasons to Select Data Design Inc:

  • DDI has been in operation OVER 30 YEARS, with proven stability!
  • DDI can assist with Server and P/C software, Website Development, IBM Midrange, Mobile App Development including iOS and Android
  • Many companies require minimums and long term contracts, DDI does not!
  • Outsourcing your programming helps keep YOUR overhead LOW!


Hardware Supported:

  • IBM Midrange (IBM i AS/400 I5 Iseries)
  • Servers abd Personal Computers
  • Mobile App Development

Programming and Consulting Services Offered Include:

  • Contract programming and Consultation Services.
  • The services will be provided at your convenience, at your office or ours.
  • Services are available for any time period. No fixed commitments are required!


Contact us at 405.321.0354 or for more information!